About happyWeb

If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary. Jim Rohn

You can't win big by playing it safe. The single trait shared by the most successful businesses we've worked with is hands down their willingness to step out of their comfort zone.

The digital landscape changes constantly, and relying on common practices (or what you've always done) won't be enough for your clients' businesses to thrive, let alone get them ahead of the pack. So if you're looking for a partner to maintain the status quo for you, please look elsewhere.

If you share our belief that forward thinkers win the day, then we are probably a good fit.

We always go the extra mile to make you and your clients happy. And we found the only way to make sure you remain happy over time is to keep an open mind and to constantly evolve so we can keep that edge that allows us to put you on top. That's what we are all about.

Our mission: take your clients to the next level.

How? With thorough planning and seamless execution, with digital strategists and speciality experts. There is no one formula, just know-how and a lot of hard work.

So you are allowed - encouraged even - to dream big. We can take it. Our goal is to make your clients happy. No kidding. Did you think we picked "happy web" as our brand just because? Think again.

Why should you outsource?

There are many reasons why you should. We'll just mention the reasons we care about the most:

  1. Deep expertise: you can't be an expert at everything (nobody can); chances are you were hired to deliver services that are part of your core offering as an agency or freelancer; should your clients require additional services you don't usually provide you should strongly consider outsourcing to people possessing the required skillset to ensure a smooth, effective and timely service.
  2. Flexibility: workload fluctuates quite a bit in the service business and you might need extra resources from time to time; if you wish to avoid the risks, costs and hassle of hiring and underutilization, your best option is to keep external experts on retainer to complement your internal resources so you can deliver a quality and speedy service to your clients at all times.
  3. Profitability: when you handle 100% of your projects internally you shoulder all the management, planning, execution and communication activities. Often it's a lot, and sometimes it's too much. Relying on specialists to execute action items for set prices will allow you to get a better grasp on scope creep and time management, thus ensuring you always provide best-in-class services.

We make your clients feel:

  • Confident in knowing qualified experts are in charge of growing their online revenue
  • Eager to get weekly updates and to see how their growth roadmap evolves over time
  • Encouraged to take risks and try new tactics that will provide data to inform future decisions
  • Grateful to have an outside, neutral perspective - no bagage, no ownership, just pure data
  • Pleased to find positive and negative findings because both lead to growth
  • Relieved to know their data is collected accurately and all site updates increase the bottom line
  • Motivated to drive more users to the site knowing their media budget will generate actual results

Who we are

Happyweb was founded in 2015 in Montpellier, France. We started out as conversion optimization specialists, helping clients and agencies alike increase their bottom line. Since then we've invested a lot of time and resources to be able to execute proficiently on two other spheres of expertise.

Acquisition strategy services (strategy only, we don't execute) so we can help your clients find the right path to sustainable traffic generation. It is absolutely critical in today's digital economy where brands live and die by the content they publish (what content, where, for whom, to what end?). It is more and more difficult to deliver results without a global strategical approach to acquisition.

And data implementation services, because more than ever before clients need actionable data to drive their businesses and keep growing. Your clients have many questions; we help them collect the answers they need so they can make informed decisions and thrive.

We have fully embraced the remote culture and our team works from 8 countries. Everybody on our team has a strong digital background and is an expert in their field; by choosing happyWeb, you ensure your clients get the valuable know-how they need to grow.

Our standards

  • We don't hold back; each and every one of your clients gets our total attention
  • We are innovative and proactive; we don't settle for "good enough"
  • We add the WOW factor to every project
  • We charge premium rate; we deliver premium results

We continuously improve our processes

Every service we offer has a rigorous process that is constantly tested and improved upon so we can always deliver the most value. As an example here is our conversion optimization process:

Conversion Methodology

Want some help?

If you've read this whole page and you feel like we might be a good fit for your business, please have a look at our services and contact us.