happyWeb Team Members

Julie Chouvion
Julie manages our agency and makes sure our growth consultants & support team have everything they need to focus all their attention on growing our clients' businesses. She has a Master's Degree in Finance and handles our internal financial activity.
Julie, Project Manager
Paul Smit
Paul is a top-notch growth analyst; he takes our clients' data and turn it into actionable growth tactics. His research and experience with businesses big and small often lead to creative solutions that a massive impact on our clients' bottom lines
Paul, Project Manager
Thomas Porhel
Thomas runs happyWeb' CRO department and provides growth advice & training to agencies. He turned his passion for scaling digital businesses into building a platform enabling agencies to reach a state of sustainable growth.
Thomas, Project Manager
Vasyl Khoma
Vasyl codes A/B tests, implements redesigns for our clients and creates the online assets our team needs. He is very detail-oriented & reactive, and it's always a breeze for our growth consultants to monitor the tests he built.
Vasyl, Assistant