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Growth Strategy Services

1 reviews

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It is a nightmare out there for companies to find the right CRO service that fits their needs. And there is no proper marketplace for visitors to discover and assess your service offering. In an attempt to alleviate the situation somewhat we are preparing a Buyer's Guide to CRO that will be made available to all online.

The objective of this guide it to make CRO services more accessible to companies out there. Since there is no transparency on CRO they often have no idea of what's possible or not. This Buyer's Guide's purpose is to help buyers identify what they need / want and to point them toward agencies and consultants who are a perfect match.

We believe it is the perfect opportunity for us all to find the right clients as well as to expand the CRO marketplace (more transparency = more buyers). We will also provide your contact details to buyers looking for the type of CRO services you are offering.

Growth Strategy Services

How It Works

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Growth Strategy Team

Growth Strategy Team


  • I've been working for several months with Happyweb on A/B testing for some of our clients at my web development agency, and they have always gone above and beyond to make sure our designs for tests are mobile friendly and seamless experiences for users. They've done a great job of recommending new tests that lead toward more conversions, and I've appreciated each suggestion because they do the heavy lifting. I almost feel there isn't anything Happyweb can't do when it comes to trying new things on my sites. Highly recommend this service, and I've been extremely happy with customer service and the individual attention he gives our company.

    Heather Alvis

    Business Analyst, Scandia Consulting

  • Working with Happyweb, was great. Their attention to detail and through process was very impressive that I have not seen many optimization specialists match.

    Bobby Hewitt

    Founder, Creative Thirst

  • It's been a pleasure working with Happyweb for nearly two years now, as they've helped us optimize conversion pathways for our e-commerce site. They have a deep understanding of how people interact with websites. They're able to translate quantitative and qualitative insights into hypotheses, make specific recommendations based on these hypotheses, and has the technical know-how to properly A/B test his hypotheses. If you need assistance improving your site, to convert more visitors into paying customers, Happyweb is for you.

    Aaron Fox

    CMO, Primal Blueprint

  • Thomas from Happyweb is working as CRO Consultant for BeamPulse, a Spinoff of my Lab, delivering online marketing services to major organisations in France and Europe. Thomas is an outstanding digital marketing expert, he has a broad understanding of online business and he is delivering top-class advises to increase the online performance of web applications.

    Pierre-Alain Muller

    Vice-President, BeamPulse

  • I hired Happyweb to help me out with some landing page development. What they did was great stuff. If was on brief and they added a lot of value from their experience. The work has stood the test of time and the landing pages are still winning on conversion tests.

    Hendrik Vos

    Founder, Online Business Builders

  • Happyweb has a great understanding of conversion optimisation and they're willing to go the extra mile with their clients. I would highly recommend them (and I seldom say that).

    Ronan Leonard

    Founder, Blackjack Nights

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