Shopify Speed Optimization

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Your site: 1 second to load...
Your visitors: "Great, so fast!"

Your site: 3 seconds to load...
Your visitors: "Come on, come on..."

Your site: 5 seconds to load...
Your visitors: "Oh come on already, I've got stuff to do..."

Even more than 5 seconds? At this point you're just standing around while potential subscribers, clients, customers are walking out the (digital) door!

Do you expect your visitors will just wait 3, 5, 10, 15 seconds at every page? Because a lot of them won't. YOU probably wouldn't. There aren't a lot of things more grating that the frustration you feel waiting for a page to load.

Before you can even think of converting your visitors you need to optimize site speed. You should take care of your visitors before asking them to convert. Thus you'll make a good first impression that will put your visitors on the road to customer-land.

For the average website mobile devices now represent half the traffic. Have you browsed your site on a mobile device recently? Page loading times are usually 10 times worse on mobiles. If you care about your visitors and your bottom line, it's time to act.

What can you expect from this happyGig?

This is a service we perform quite a lot. Below you'll see what we achieved recently for our client Skullsplitter Dice on a Shopify Basic installation.

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Google Speed Insights Mobile

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How it works

1) Lazy loading of all your images on the site, including background images 2) Lazy loading of CSS scripts and inline loading 3) Delayed start scripts 4) Optimized image output using the technology of responsive images that is each screen resolution gets its own image. In other words, if the desktop version receives a 2048x2048 resolution picture, the mobile version loads a resized image to be displayed with no quality loss, but at the same time much smaller, which greatly affects webpage performance. The lesser size the entire page has (including total size of all images) the faster your website operates. 5) Use of a new image format designed for the web - Progressive Jpeg Format - It optimizes your images with no loss of quality: if a picture size is 800KB in PNG format, for example, this format compresses it down to 100KB 6) CSS styles optimization, applying only styles actually used on website 7) JS scripts optimization - this is the most important feature - our Knowhow. We analyze all the scripts on your website in details connecting only those that you use and customize them the way you could get rid of the bottle neck effect forever.



It depends on the availability of our Shopify speed experts. It is a popular service so we can rarely start right away; however we can usually start within 5 to 10 days. We will schedule this project upon purchase and you will be notified at what date we will start and finish this project. We typically need 3 to 5 days from start to finish to complete such a project.

So you can expect us to deliver within 2 weeks.

Yes. While we work we'll ask that you - or any member of your team - refrain from editing theme files. We will make a copy of your theme and improve its structure, rewriting critical scripts while making sure functionalities are identical between the original and the optimized version. Which means any change you make on the original theme will also need to be replicated on the optimized theme, which would double the work for us and delay the process.

Not to worry though, you just need to stop editing your theme files for 3 to 5 days.

No. We know very well that apps make you money


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